Fendt Dieselross F 12 GH

The water cooled F12GH was launched in 1952. The aim was to this smallest Diesel Ross smallholders to speak with ox and horse field edited. MWM provides the power, in particular the MWM KD12e (small diesel 12 einzilinder). In 1953, the air cooled version on the market, particularly the F12HL. Equipped with MWM AKD 112th engine. Both versions had 12pk. The HLX F12 was briefly in 1958 but built (1maand) and was probably a transitional type between the F12 and the Fix. Fendt Dieselross F12GH, easily recognized by the radiator


Brand Fendt
Type Dieselross F 12 GH
Construction Period 1952-1958
Engine MWM KD 12E. 1 Cylinder. Water
kW / hp 8.8 kW / 12 hp
Total build 8538
Total Weight 1150 kg
Maximum Speed 20 km/h
Other GH= Hackfrucht implementation

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