Fendt Dieselross F 20 H6

endt Diesel Ross F20 H6 tug-root crop. The 1951 newly added model F20, there was in addition to the normal version as a root crop tractors. The main difference was at the rear wheels to a dimension of 8-32 or 10-28 had AS. Since this version enjoyed great popularity could Fendt them three times as much as the normal version sale. The F20 H6, there were numerous enhancements such as : Fender bench mower, winch with safety clutch and a 50 m steel wire rope (11 mm), snap hook, lift force and an all-weather canopy.


Brand Fendt
Type Dieselross F 20 H6
Construction Period 1951-1957
Engine MWM 1 Cylinder Water KDW615E
kW / hp 14 kW / 20 hp
Total build 6345
Total Weight 1382 kg
Maximum Speed 20 km/h (auf Wunsch 25 km/h)
Other H=Hochrad 1950: 50000. Schlepper

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