Fendt Dieselross FL 114

Fendt Diesel Ross FL 114 small tractor Quite to the needs of small-business & kleinstbäuerlichen vote, brought the 1957 Fendt Diesel Ross FL114 on the market. This tug was characterized by a low level design at high ground clearance and a weight of only 800 kg and a low ground pressure and high maneuverability, even the smallest of spaces could be bearattet. Was new at the 10 HP diesel strong Ross the ILO 2-stroke engine.


Brand Fendt
Type Dieselross FL 114
Construction Period 1947-1959
Engine MWM 1 Cylinder Air
kW / hp 7 kW / 10 hp
Total build
Total Weight 800 kg
Maximum Speed 18 km/h
Other Wheels: front 4x15, rear 7x24

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